The main operation of the company is the extraction and exportation of Bentonite and other minerals from the quarry that is sited in Kimolos island in te Cyclades, Greece.

We simplify mining

Minerals exported from our quarry are Bentonite and Pozollane.

The quality of the minerals is considered to be amongst the best in the world. The quarry has a dynamic of producing up to three hundred fifty thousand metric tons (350,000) of Pozzolane per year.

With respect to the environment
Environmental Management System

We continue our efforts for a safe and clean environment, in agreement with the specifications of all National and European associations.

Social Responsibility

Bentomine S.A. is sensitive for all social issues of Kimolos Island. Therefore we place our knowledge and skills in order to meet society’s expectations.

Quality System

We constantly look into new methods of improving our management effectiveness. Our aim is to expand our activities and create opportunities in order to keep young people in the island.